Magic Mirror isn’t just a full-length mirror; you can use it in three different positions depending on what you need. Pyramid for sharing, full-length or vanity for every angle.


The Magic Mirror folds down so it’s easy to take with you no matter where you’re going. It’s perfect for commuting or simply doing your hair and make-up in the best position— we all know the sockets, mirrors and lights are never all in the same place!


It’s made from acrylic, not glass, which also means you can take your travel-safe Magic Mirror on-site at festivals and in your carry-on at the airport.

Made in the UK 

All Magic Mirrors are lovingly hand-made and packed in Bristol, UK. We cherry-pick our fabrics for the boldest colours and best prints and use the highest quality acrylic in the world for the sharpest reflection. The combination of high-grade materials and a production line of well-paid and nourished staff makes each Magic Mirror beautifully robust and if you take care of it, it should last you a lifetime.

The Original Full-Length
Travel Mirror

Originally designed for the fashion-conscious festival-goer, touring performers, and professional make-up artists, Magic Mirror slots perfectly into the life of any 21st century woman who finds herself always on the go.

It’s the ultimate travel companion.

Our New Compact
Travel Mirror

Introducing our shatterproof supersize compact mirror. It’s large enough to see your entire face but small enough to fit into your handbag. Achieve ultimate makeup symmetry, even your brow game and match your eyeliner beautifully with Magic Mirror Supersize Compact.

Magic Mirror Compact has been developed with super strong magnets so that you can use it completely hands-free.

Its non-glass, lightweight design makes our Magic Mirror the ultimate compact travel companion.