Limited Lifetime Warranty Terms & Conditions

Only available on – Magic Mirror Supersize Compact (purchased after Feb 2019)

Our Lifetime Warranty reflects our confidence in the high quality of our design, engineering, production and product performance. We select the highest performing materials and hardware that ensure our products have the longest lifespan possible. MM Production warrants all Magic Mirror Supersize Compacts sold after February 2019 by Magic Mirror or an authorised dealer or retailer to be free of defects in materials or workmanship for the practical lifetime of the product. Damage due to misuse, abuse, accidents, neglect, and wear and tear that can be reasonably expected as a result of extended use over time, are not covered by this Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Defects in materials refers to acrylic, fabric, rivets and corners. This Limited Lifetime Warranty specifically covers the acrylic from cracking and shattering. Scratches on the surface of the acrylic are considered general wear and tear and are not covered by this Limited Lifetime Warranty. Defects in workmanship refers to the construction of the product such as rivets, corners and seamtape, etc.

The term “Lifetime” refers to the reasonable lifetime of the product. This does not mean your lifetime but rather the lifetime of the materials and components that go into the finished product. Our materials are carefully selected and extensively tested to meet our quality standards, but even the best materials have a lifespan and will eventually degrade. We evaluate a product’s lifetime by its intended use and how much use it gets, and not by how old it is.

Sadly nothing lasts forever and your product will eventually deteriorate with extended use. Products used frequently can show wear and tear faster than those used less frequently, and it could be that your product has simply reached the end of its practical lifetime.

What to do in case of defects:

There is no registration process involved in this Limited Lifetime Warranty. The warranty is is activated at the time of purchase when purchased directly from Magic Mirror or our authorised retailers and dealers.

Should problems or defects arise with your Magic Mirror Supersize Compact, your first point of contact is the Magic Mirror team directly.

Email us

Make sure you include proof of purchase, a brief description of the defect and a photograph. The claim will then be assessed by our customer services team who will get back to you with our returns address should we agree that the product is faulty. We will then repair the damage or replace the product completely and return the product to you. Customers are responsible for shipping charges to Magic Mirror we will however cover the shipping cost in sending the repaired product or replacement back to you.

If by any chance you have purchased a product that is no longer for sale and or is out of stock we will offer a choice of replacements to the same standard and value. Unfortunately we are unable to offer refunds on defects after 30 days of purchase and can only offer a repair or replacement as part of this Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Products purchased from unauthorized retailers or on ebay are also considered unauthorized. No Warranty applies to these products since the authenticity of these products cannot be ascertained.

Please follow our care instructions and look after your products. We will avoid anything going to landfill whenever possible.

Proudly made in the UK.