About BG

Girl bosses have girl boss habits, and by revolutionising the compact mirror we are enabling you to slay your daily routines when away from home, on a job, commuting to work, at a festival, on holiday or prepping for a performance —basically anywhere you go! Many of us associate confidence with being in control, and knowing our hair, outfit, and make-up are on fleek brings inner strength so we can seize the day.

Magic Mirror was developed by costume designer Liesel Corp to help dress actors in strange locations. She noticed that not having enough time to get ready or not knowing what you look like made people feel uneasy and affected their performance. A travel mirror that enabled people to see their entire outfit from top to toe was what she needed. Many prototypes later a new full-length travel mirror that transforms into the ultimate beauty mirror was born.

We want you to feel on point by giving you the tool you need to feel amazing, inside and out, wherever you are.