Festival season kicks off this weekend in the UK with Shindigs last ever festival in Somerset sadly. Lot’s of my friends go to this festival because it’s not overwhelming and busy like Glastonbury. It’s also Love Saves the Day tomorrow in Bristol which is a daytime festival over two days so most people are staying in hotels but you’ll still need to take your Magic Mirror for a hotel stay, especially if you’re sharing a room! No UK festivals allow glass on site, in fact most festivals all over the world have the same rule for safety. Magic Mirror is made from the best acrylic in the world, and believe me, it is the best because we’ve tested every single factory. It’s so reflective it looks just like a glass mirror so it’s perfect for camping and festivals. It’s allowed on site and it won’t smash in your bag or van. It really is the best camping mirror going!

One year at Glastonbury Festival having popped up to Worthy View, some of my good friends run the bar up there, it’s a campsite that’s offsite where you can pre-book your tents to save trudging your camping gear across field after field after field. I remember coming back onto site through the gate and watching every person have their bag checked and when it got to me I noticed the enormous pile of blusher compacts and make up mirrors in a stack that had been confiscated. Some of them were Chanel 😱, it was devastating to see everyone’s expensive make up literally about to go in the bin. That’s how strict they are at Glastonbury, because any smashed glass can stay in the grass and cut the animals feet.

Better to be prepared and if not our full-length option, at least have our supersize compact mirror in your kit bag for your make up. A festival like Glastonbury it’s an essential really, when you’ve gone to a lot of effort to get ready for a big night out in the field take the compact with you so you can check if your gems are sliding across your forehead or if you’ve sweated your eyeliner down your cheeks… you know how it goes! Our supersize compact is magnetic too so you can throw it on to anything metal for handsfree use. Whatever your style is this festival season, do it with confidence and don’t forget your Magic Mirror 🦄✨🌈