Working at Magic Mirror for the past year and a half has been full of random happenings and delightful adventures, including last minute day trips to QVC UK in London and surprise visits to IKEA to buy essentials for the studio (and hotdogs). But nothing was more exciting than Liesel, Magic Mirror’s founder, telling us that we were going to become super models for the day. Sadie and Sarah have been working in production making our acrylic travel mirrors since late September and I move around between production and doing bits of social media and marketing for the brand. We needed to get some lifestyle images for the website of a new product that we have finally released after months of developing, the MICRO, and Liesel realised that she need not look further that the brilliant workforce she already has.

Sadie is a 24 year old legend from Falmouth who studied Graphics at UWE and has ended up staying to become a vital player in the vibes provided in the Magic Mirror studio and Sarah is our youngest worker at 21 who grew up in Worcester, moved from Bath to Bristol and is probably the nicest person you’ll ever meet and an amazing asset to our team here. And I’m Lily, 25 and born and bred Bristolian and part time Actor.

So, shoot day.

The whole of the office section in the Magic Mirror studio is on wheels so we’re able to pull it out and turn it into a photography studio, good ‘ole IKEA. We’ve also bought a fancy new ring light to help us all shine like stars.

The absolutely incredible Grace Kingsley in the studio making us look amazing with her incredible makeup, hair AND nail skills. The make up looks were abstract with bright, bold lips and eyes, hair was simple top knots with statement accessories and nails were fluro and pointed and FIERCE. Grace is a long time friend of Magic Mirror and was the first person to ever get a Rose Gold Glitter Mini and she takes it with her to every shoot she does. You can check her website out here where she also sells some of her amazing nails.

Frank Spencer (frank, frank, frank) is in on Videography and capturing the backstage laughs. Frank is one of those people who can literally make a joke out of anything, the best kind of person to have on set. And we’ve got the extraordinary Shona Graham in taking the pics and generally being a delight. There’s something special about having the right team of people around you to make the magic happen. Magic Mirror is a sort of metaphor for this, once you have the right tools, like a super useful multifuctional mirror, you are in a better place to make yourself look and feel fabulous.

You can see from the shots produced that day, that with the help of Liesel’s amazing direction and us all feeling comfortable in the space, that even if you aren’t a full time model, you can still be a supermodel for the day, as long as you have a dream team.

We’re so excited about the launch of the MICRO, the size of it (13cm X 13cm), the strong magnets and the fact it’s almost unbreakable highly reflective acrylic make it a staple for any makeup bag, along with an amazing range of colours, including the Midnight Black that we photographed on shoot day. Personally, I use my Pink Foil Leatherette ever single day without fail.