Give in to the glory of glitter! Our top 5 glitter accessories

NEWS / December 19, 2017 / BY Liesel

We’ve been wearing Glitter all festival season, we simply can’t resist it! With amazing brands like Gypsy Shrine and Shine Shack making it so much easier to have your glitter look amazing, we’ve decided we are going to just wear it all year round. And it’s actually perfect for the festive season too! What says Christmas like sparkles and shine? We’ve compiled a list for you of our top 5 glitter accessories this Christmas, to go with your gorgeous Silver or Purple Glitter Mini Magic Mirror.


1/Face Glitter

Gypsy Shrine absolutely dominated the festival season this year, with stalls at every festival we went to always with people queuing round the corner to get their face (or boobie) glitter done. And we think it’s also perfect for the office Christmas party. What could make you feel more special that looking like a sparkly unicorn queen? These face jewels are so easy to apply as all the jewels are stuck onto one big piece of adhesive, you’ll just need to be looking in your foldable travel mirror to make sure you’ve centred it perfectly. And they’ll stay on all night, and peel off easily when it’s time to hit the hay!


2/Makeup Brushes

What better way to make you feel like a proper Christmas unicorn than with your very own silver glitter makeup brushes? Unicorn Cosmetics make a selection of brushes and lashes in lots of gorgeous glitter colours. These 10 collector’s edition platinum brushes come in a super cute silver diamond bag that we simply adore! And they just go splendidly with the Magic Mirror Mini Silver Glitter.


3/Glitter Tangle Teezer

Tangle Teezer turned 10 this September and they released their original Purple Glitter Brush again and it is giving us all sorts of nostalgia! The only brush you need for taming and smoothing any hair type. The brush is also designed to help prevent breakages so your hair just stays healthy. This purple glitter edition matches our compact travel mirror in Purple Glitter and we are just so chuffed about it. We always love to match all our beauty accessories!


4/Glitter boots

We have found the perfect Christmas party boot and we just can’t contain our excitement! These New Look Square Toe Glitter Block Heels are available on ASOS for just £29.99. They could either be teamed with an LBD for a cute but simple christmas look, or dressed down with some jeans and a fun blouse or you could even save them for NYE and wear them with a glitter dress too? Because if you can’t wear all the glitter at New Years then when can you? And remember, with your full length Magic Mirror Mini Silver Glitter you’ll be able to check your whole outfit anywhere on the go.


5/Purple Glitter Toilet Seat

And finally, how can you be a full glitter queen if it isn’t adorning the most important seat in the house? Make sure your Christmas guests feel full fabulous whilst sitting upon this sparkly throne this year. Victorian Plumbing have got it right and are selling the most beautiful toilet seat in the land. So when you are using your Purple Glitter Magic Mirror in the bathroom, you’ll be all sorts of matching.