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One of the great things about Magic Mirror is that it’s not for a specific person; it’s for anyone, and with our range of sizes and colours, everyone can find one that fits with their own style. We at MM know that it’s what’s on the inside that counts, but we also know that looking your best helps you feel your best, and the way we manage our appearance, health and hygiene impacts our daily lives.

We want Magic Mirror to be a tool for every woman so she can make sure she’s feeling her best no matter where she is, on her own terms.

Successful people have successful habits, and by revolutionising the travel mirror we are enabling people to continue their daily routines when away from home, on a job, commuting to work, at a festival or on holiday—basically anywhere you go! Many of us associate confidence with being in control, and knowing our hair, outfit, and make-up are well-managed can help us remember that we’ve got things covered, and are going to have a good day.

We want to help our customers feel confident in themselves by giving them the tool they need to make sure they’re presenting the image they want to the world; it’s up to you what that image is, we just want you to rock it!

Here’s our timeline and how we’ve made Magic Mirror possible:



After working 12 music festivals back 2 back that summer, Liesel has her light bulb moment, it’s illegal to take glass mirrors on to most UK festival sites….what can we do about that?


Working as a freelance costume designer and forever getting actors, models, musicians and dancers ready in strange places Liesel finally decides to start making prototypes and developing the full-length travel mirror.


Coming up with a design that works enables Liesel to start looking for financial support. Turned down for a loan by the bank she made a demo video and finally her start up loan application was granted.



Magic Mirror launches at Bristol festival Love Saves the Day and Radio 1 DJ Annie Mac takes the first ever Magic Mirror.

July 2014

People are starting to spread the word and Magic Mirror is dubbed ‘No.1 festival gizmo’ by COSMOPOLITAN.

August 2014

Liesel wins a grant with the EIN to work with an engineer to develop the product for mass manufacture. (No more blood sweat and tears in the workshop, a new design for easier assembly, phewww!)

November 2014

Magic Mirror is crowned regional winner of ‘Best Start Up’ by the Start Up Loans company.


Magic Mirror has been redesigned for mass manufacture and a plan to take the business wholesale is put in place. Magic Mirror Beauty Edition is born. Liesel took Magic Mirror to it’s very first trade show Pulse Olympia picking up many new stockists including Firebox Online.

June 2015

At the Enterprise Nation Beauty Exchange we meet the infamous British Beauty Blogger. Within 48 hrs she posted the most incredible review stating ‘On the face of it you wonder why, but when you do you wonder why you haven’t before’.

July 2015

Magic Mirrors are selling quicker than we can produce them and it is clear we need to find a suitable manufacturing partner. After putting a call out across the UK, Europe and India our agent cherry picks the perfect partner in China.

July 2015

We get an email from the beauty buyer at Boots who spotted the post by the British Beauty Blogger. She said the morning of the post she received four emails about Magic Mirror from other buyers and that had never happened before. Great news and a clear sign we’re on the right track.

November 2015

The final samples are in from our new manufacturing partners, over the moon with the quality and finish of the new product, Liesel releases shares in the business to raise the funds to buy the stock.


After a great trade show in January with lots of important feedback we decide to keep producing the Beauty Edition in the UK. Magic Mirror HQ moves to a new premises big enough to expand production in Bristol, now we can produce limited edition Magic Mirrors in special and rare fabrics. Watch this space!

April 2016

We are so pleased and excited…Magic Mirror Mini is on it’s way to us. The samples have gone to Boots head office for the beauty buyers to review and Mini is launched on our website for Magic Mirror fans to pre-order. Check out our SHOP page and get yours ordered now!